Bin Trailers

The Versatile Conventional Width Trailer, with green powder coated polyester finish (shown below, bottom right, will accommodate either one two-ton steel bin or two 4' x 4' plastic bins, and has the ability to slide bins off the rear. The tractor driver can unload the bins without a forklift. Thus, the forklift can accompany the flat-bed truck, and is not needed constantly in the vineyard during harvest. Construction and dimensions of this trailer same as for the standard Valley bin trailer.

The Narrow Row Trailers, will carry 4-foot bins down 6-foot rows, thus protecting the vineyard managers investment in conventional harvest equipment even as vineyard spacing is reduced.

The Two-Bin Narrow Row Trailer with blue powder coated polyester finish is designed for either one two-ton steel bin or two 1/2-ton or 1/4-ton plastic bins.

The Three-Bin Narrow Row Trailer with gray powder coated polyester finish is for three plastic bins.

Both styles of Narrow Row Trailers have wheels under the frame which maneuver in very narrow rows. These trailers require a minimum turning radius. With the strips of hard plastic on the inside frame and the built-in ramps, bins can easily slide off onto the ground without the use of a forklift. These trailers are constructed of heavy duty 1/4" x 3" x 5" angle iron with a three inch, 4.5 channel underframe.